I posted this in a previous article but I thought it needed to be expanded upon.

Let me state again, that for those who believe Reformed Theology does not promote evangelism this is simply ignorance of a proper understanding of reformed theology.

Every Reformed bible teacher is an ardent evangelist, for evangelism is the foundation of Reformed theology and always has been. Some try to slander Reformed theology by saying that Reformed Pastors do not evangelise. This is 100% false. Again, the most fervent evangelists are those who preach the Sovereignty of God.

I have heard that there exists some “the hyper-Calvinist” who have the “God has chosen them so why witness” mentality, but I’ve never met one. If there are such persons, they are not reformed, and they have no concept of reformed theology. No one who has ever studied the Scriptures or the teaching of Berkhof, Strong, Grudem, Hodge or ever attended any seminary or countless other sources believe such things.

When you hold to election according to the Sovereign choice of an Almighty God, you preach harder and clearer and more fervently than an Arminian or “middle of the roader”. These are the people who while believing you can not lose your salvation, yet still believe that it’s completely your own choice, as if God is aimlessly banging away at your heart, begging you to let Him in.

The Baptist churches, and many other churches, were built by Reformed Evangelists, who travelled the country proclaiming God’s message of salvation as faithful servants calling the sheep to the Shepherd.

I wholehearted affirm that a pastor who is not Reformed does not have a biblical grasp of the message of repentance and thus salvation, and therefore is always presenting a gospel message that is watered down and impotent. But to be fair, more often then not, they are men who don’t have a grasp of deeper truths of the faith and are immature in the knowledge of theology. I admit remembering those days in my early ministry, but years of studying the Word moves us upwards and away from such immature things.

Here is a minute list of great reformed evangelists both past and present.

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