5 Minute Theology

The Future of This World

Is the Kingdom of God now begin realized? Should we worry about our future? Is Christianity in jeopardy of being wiped out?
Pastor Allan discusses the hope we have in the Kingdom of God.

What are the Latter Days?

The Bible talks about things that will happen in the “latter days,” but when are these days? What does the Bible say about them. To misunderstand this term is to misunderstand many prophecies.

The Reign of Jesus

Is Jesus currently reigning or is this yet to occur? If He is not who is? How does this issue affect your prayer life and daily walk?.


The Children of God

Who is meant by the term “the children of God?” Is it all believers? If so, how does that reshape our thinking about certain teachings?

What Happened in the Garden

It is impossible to discuss the work of Christ until we first establish what happened in the Garden of Eden. When sin entered the world what effect did it have? Are we dead to sin or merely wounded?

The Holiness of God

Since God is Holy, what are the implications of that for me in my daily life? What does it mean that God is Holy?


The Nature of God

The Primary nature of God is His Holiness. From His Holiness stems all of His other attributes which are perfectly demonstrated to us.

Essential Aspects of God

God is Holy, and unless we fully comprehend this truth nothing else about God will make sense. We need to understand His nature to see our sin.

The Trinity

The Trinity is the nature of who God is, One God in three persons, each person fully God, yet, one God, holy and sovereign.

How God Reveals Himself

Though God is Holy and beyond our understanding, He has revealed Himself to us so that we might know Him and worship Him.