Sola… Alone

By nature the world wants to find their own way to God. Mingling their spiritual desires with their goodness and labours, creating their own “spiritual journey”. Yet, God has finished the work Himself. He ALONE has provided the path to Himself, and it is through the gift of His faith by grace as revealed in the scriptures through Christ that salvation has appeared and it is all for His own glory.

Our purpose

Reformed Online is the teaching ministry of Christian Perspective Ministries Inc. and specifically Rev. Allan McQuarrie. Through the years of teaching and mentoring young leaders, Allan bring together some of the most important aspects of growing deeper in the faith.

Deeper truths

If you want to be challenged in your Christian life, and dig deeper than the simple “Jesus loves you”, then you need to wrestle with the scriptures and be willing to approach the Bible seeking deeper truths.

It is not our goal to teach you a doctrine, but rather expose you to some of the great truths of salvation taught throughout the centuries.

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