Reasons why the prophecy of Daniel 9 was a prophecy fulfilled in the Death of Christ

  1. It fits the context of the book of Daniel.
  2. It fits the theme of Messianic hope for the exiles in captivity
  3. The dates fit the event to the EXACT DAY and YEAR that Christ died on the cross (Passover 3½ years after His ministry began)
  4. It reveals the New Covenant with the elect (many) Compare this to Matthew 26:28.
  5. It reveals the end of sacrifice and offices that occurred why the veil of the temple was ripped
  6. It revealed the nature of Christ (Isaiah 53, suffering servant) “The Anointed cut off…have nothing”
  7. It revealed the fulfilment of scripture in the message of Christ (Hebrew 1:1)
  8. It reveals the “everlasting righteousness” of the Kingdom of God
  9. It revealed the temporal nature of the Temple
  10. It looked forward the Atonement of Christ which is the Climax of Human history
  11. Verse 24 defines “Seventy weeks” as a single block of time.
  12. The 70th week must come after the 69th week; else it can’t really be called the 70th week
  13. It is illogical and unbiblical to move the last week of this prophecy to the end of the world. There is nothing in the text of the prophecy that indicates to do such.
  14. Verse 27 says “he shall make it desolate”. Compare this to Matt 23:38. Who left the temple desolate? Christ!
  15. The second half of 3 ½ reveals the church age (times – time and half a time)


Despite the view of one end-time viewpoint. This does not teach anything yet to be accomplished.

This is the ONLY bible text that is used to support the idea that there will yet be a 7 year period in the future which they see as the understanding of the “7 Year Tribulation”

Block 1: 7 Weeks -(49 years)- Starts in 457 BC (Ezra 7

Block 2: 62 Weeks -(434 years)- Starts in 408 BC

Block 3: 1 week –(7 years)- Starts in 27 AD



See Ezra 7; for this is the command where the rebuilding of Jerusalem was actually accomplished and that command was given by Artaxerxes, king of Persia; which occurred in 457 BC. There were two other kings that made similar commands to rebuild Jerusalem but those proved to not be fruitful.