Daniel 7

Daniel 7

This chapter treats of the same subject as chapter 2, but the first image, revealed their external political aspect, but here the image refers to the same kingdoms but their moral features.

Again the Jews were in exile. Their disobedience to God had cost them their nation, their temple, their means to worshipping God (Sacrificial system), their families and they though the promises given to Abraham and David regarding the coming Messiah. To reveal God faithfulness He tells them how many kingdoms must come and go before the Messiah and His eternal Kingdom will come.

This vision reveals the persecution that God’s people will have to endure and suffer like them.

The dream of Nebuchadnezzar was of a statue with a head of gold (Daniel 2:31-35) which we are told was Babylon (vs. 37,38)
Silver chest is the next kingdom of Medes/Persia (5:30) (Belshazzar was Nebuchadnezzar’s son see 5:2)

Bronze thighs represented Greece (8:20,21 – this vision repeats the same order) and Iron legs and feet represent Rome at the coming of Christ (Luke 2:1) finally, Christ then is the rock, (Deut 32:4; Psalm 18:31,46; Romans 9:33; 1 Cor. 10:4)

What does Daniel 2:35 mean? See Isaiah 2:1-3; Luke 13:18-20
Has the eternal kingdom of Christ come?
See the promise of this kingdom in 2 Samuel 7:12-14, 16. Isaiah 9:6,7 What was the angels message in Luke 2:26-33 declaring?

Read Daniel 7:4-8
Characteristics of the 4 beasts:
Who is mentioned in Vs. 9 & when is this event happening?
Read vs 17-22 what events are discussed here?
How long is the period described in vs-23-25
What comfort would this vision give to Daniel and the Jews in Exile? What comfort is there for us?

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