Deacons in the Church

Deacons The Bible teaches that deacons lead by serving—Acts 6. The qualifications for elders and deacons are the same regarding an individual's character, but they differ in aptitude. The elders are to be able to teach while the deacons are to be able and proved as servants. Deacon Qualifications: 1 Timothy 3:8-12 Individual of dignity

Elders and their Roles

The Church & Eldership The term church comes from two words: kuriakon which means “dedicated to the Lord” which was used for the place of worship. ecclesia translated “assembly” literally “the called out ones” The idea is of people who have been called out of darkness into His wonderful light. It is applied to the


THE SOLEMN ASSEMBLY Richard Owen Roberts   THE SOLEMN ASSEMBLY The Sad Fact Most professing Christians have never heard of a Solemn Assembly. Of the relatively small number who have, a substantial portion consider it as merely an Old Testament practice of no particular relevance today.   THE BIBLICAL BACKGROUND There are not less than

Revival Terminology in History

Revival Terminology in History Richard Owen Roberts   A number of years ago in a book entitled Revival, I gave the following definition of that term: "Revival is an extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results." While that phrase conveys the fundamental concept of revival, over the intervening years I have come to