Just a bit about me, I was raised in a Christian home in Toronto I accepted the Lord in 1975 at the age of twelve, in Calvary Church, Associated Gospel, under the leadership of Dr. Griffiths, through an invitation given in an evening service. In 1982, at the age of eighteen I was baptized and immediately entered Central Baptist Seminary where after four years earned my Bachelor of Theology.

After marrying my wife Lynne, we moved to Westport, ON and pastored there for 6 years before founding Christian Perspective Ministries and starting a radio ministry. Since that time I have pastored a Presbyterian Church and preached in most every evangelical denomination before starting Open Bible Fellowship, in Kingston, Ontario. Currently, I am tent making and preaching where needed.

After completing my Master of Theology (Th.M.) from International Seminary, I began my Ph.D. in Theology from Whitefield Theological Seminary (where R.C. Sproul recieved his Ph.D.) and am currently in the process of finishing my studies.

This blog is meant to stretch our knowledge of the depth and width of our God, so that we would better be able to serve the Holy One of Heaven.

“Give unto the LORD the glory due unto His name” (psalm 96:8)

The central text of my philosophy of ministry is Psalm 96:8

The very essence of God is His Holiness, and we have been made in His image for the purpose of giving him the glory that He deserves. Everything within the life of the believer, and in our worship service is to be conducted to that end.

The way we operate our Sunday schools, the motivation of our tithing, the quality and style of music, and the amount of preparation for our sermons, all seek to give the Lord the glory that He deserves as our Sovereign King.

Since we are His redeemed people, we are obligated to give him the best of our time, our effort and our material possessions. He is worthy of all our praise, and I am obligated to proclaim the truth of scripture without the fear of man or the temptation to alter His Word in any way to make it more socially acceptable.

The church is comprised of the redeemed elect, both in the universal sense as well as in the local sense. At the local level, the church follows the biblical example of male eldership as the spiritual leaders within that church as laid out by the qualifications established in 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

The purpose of Open Bible Fellowship, as a student based church, is to be the place believers gather to collectively worship the Lord through the preaching of the Word, the breaking of bread, singing of praise, and the encouragement and correction of one another.

The global church comprises all the elect throughout the world, and we have the obligation to pray for, and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ whenever possible.

Since the Holy Spirit is the only agent that can awaken the heart of men, we must rely wholly upon Him to enlighten, quicken, and draw His people to Himself. We must use every opportunity given to us by the Holy Spirit to proclaim His Word without the fear of man. Therefore, I reject, the seeker sensitive philosophy of ministry, that relies upon mans methods in seeking to stir the unsaved spiritually, or any system which feels that there is another means to reach the lost other than the preaching of the Word of God, and the personal evangelism by His saints.

Our sole focus in everything we do as His ambassadors is to give Him the glory that He deserves.

Ministry Experience

• Senior pastor for past 30 years in various churches
• Written and teaches discipleship material and courses
• Written and teaches courses on the Attributes of God
• Ordained 1998, Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada
• Completed 16 years of radio broadcasting as host of “Christian Perspective” a daily radio program


Ph.D. studies, Reformed Theology, Whitefield Seminary, Lakeland, FL 2009-present

Master of Theology (Th.M) International Seminary, Orlando, FL 2005-2006

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) Central Baptist Seminary, Toronto, ON 1982-1986


Executive Director, Christian Perspective Ministries , Westport, ON 1994-2009
• Lead and managed a federally incorporated charity in Canada and in the United States
• Actively fund raised through internet, mail and public speaking and presentations
• Hosted a daily 15 minute radio broadcast aimed at counseling and encouragement
• Lead a multi-staff office in daily administration
• Planned, set vision and budget for yearly operations of charity
• Met and trained volunteers for their various functions of service

Pastor, Open Bible Fellowship , Queens University, Kingston, ON 2003-2018
• Church planting work
• Active in evangelism and discipleship
• Produces Discipleship and Theological courses

Intern Pastor, Knox Presbyterian Church , Westport, ON 1999-2002
• Preaching and visitaion
• Setting vision for the church while they see a fulltime Pastor

Pastor, Olivet Baptist Church , Westport, ON 1989-1994
• Preaching and visitaion
• Lead the church through building program, debt free
• Establish and run youth groups, mens groups and other ministries
Philosophy of Ministry of Allan McQuarrie